Pysanky or Ukrainian Easter Eggs are an ancient folk art from Ukraine. They are created on real eggshells by alternating the application of hot beeswax applied with a stylus or writing pen called a kistka and dipping in dyes of progressively darker shades. The traditional symbols and colours each have different meanings. The last step is to remove the wax with a candle flame to reveal the beautiful design hidden beneath.

My eggs can be found in private galleries and collections worldwide. I have had photos of my eggs published in "A Showcase of Decorated Eggs" as well as a self-published photo album of some of my earlier works available through my Links page. I have had the honour of being the Featured Artist in the Egg Artistry Guild of Australia Inc., Quarterly Magazine, the International Egg Art Guild Magazine, Weranda's April 2012 Edition and most recently, Medasset's (Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles) 2014 Easter Card.
"From Craft to Fine Art"

"Inspired by Nature"

"...with wax and dye as your paint, and a kistka as your paintbrush...your egg is your canvas."

What's New?

Hutzul Dancers
  • Eggshell Mosaic Jewelry, including earrings, pendants and bracelets and alcohol inked eggs
  • Now available at Water Street Studio, in my Etsy shop, Charlotte Lane Cafe and Gift Shop (Shelburne, NS), Made In The Maritimes (in both Sunnyside Mall, Bedford and Hydrostone, Halifax) locations and directly through me by email.
  • Article about me and my artwork in the NG News.
  • You can now find me on , Pinterest and !
  • More instructional videos in the near future!
  • Looking for supplies? Drop by my Links page to see my favorites
  • Find Me on Google+

Certified Member of EBSQ
Self-Representing Artists

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